Earth Circle Organics Raw Spirulina Powder 有機螺旋藻粉 113g

Earth Circle Organics Raw Spirulina Powder 有機螺旋藻粉 113g
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Spirulina Powder is one of the world's most concentrated sources of functional nutrients. This superfood is a type of algae; single-celled microscopic organisms that are grown in pure, fresh water. With a unique spiral shape consisting of over 60% biologically complete proteins, spirulina contains all essential amino acids in a form easier to digest than many other proteins. Grown in mineral rich waters, spirulina contains a wealth of antioxidants and immune boosting nutrients. Earth Circle Organics' Spirulina Powder is certified organic and cold-processed for maximum potency.
Suggested Use
Add a teaspoon of ECO Spirulina Powder to any energy smoothies or to a green salad. You can also combine spirulina into chocolate recipes or sprinkle on popcorn flavored with ECO Raw Virgin Coconut Oil and Himalayan Salt Crystals. No matter what the recipe, Spirulina Powder adds a depth of flavor that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied.
Organic spirulina

Weight/ Size: 113g
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