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GreenGourmet offers a series of organic and gluten free snacks to our customers.

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Made in Nature Calimyrna Figs 有機無花果
  Calimyrna Figs Calimyrna figs are the most popular of any figs, but there is..
Popcorn Indiana Original Kettlecorn 無麩質原味爆谷 1oz 28g
Original Kettlecorn WHAT IS KETTLECORN?   We combine the finest popping corn, th..
Quest Nutrition White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bar 高蛋白質纖維能量棒 - 白朱古力莓
Product Details This perfect blend of rich white chocolate chunks and succulent raspber..
Sunfood Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berries 有機杞子乾
100% Certified Organic Goji Berries Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are one of the m..
HK$208.00 HK$168.00 ]]>
Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snack Sweet Corn 有機脆脆玉米粒 12g
Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snack, Sweet Corn Mix of organic sweet corn and sea salt; e..
Enjoy Life Crunchy Minis Individual Snack - Sugar Crisp 6Packs
No Artificial Anything!   At Enjoy Life, our whole business is making smile-good foo..
Made in Nature Raisins 有機葡萄乾
Raisins It’s almost impossible not to love raisins. This dried fruit classic is back with m..
Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers Roasted Garlic 無麩質烤蒜餅乾
Lightly kissed with roasted garlic, this variety is perfect for garlic lovers. They may be a litt..
Sahale Snacks Almonds with Cranberries Honey + Sea Salt 杏仁與小紅莓,蜂蜜+海鹽 1.5oz
Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt Salty-sweet perfection: whole almonds and cranberr..
HK$26.00 HK$22.00 ]]>
Quest Nutrition Protein Chips BBQ 高蛋白質燒烤味薯片
Quest Nutrition BBQ Protein Chips   Enjoy smokey, backyard-BBQ flavor on a savory, b..
BNRG Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar Cookies and Crème
Proto Whey for Maximum Protein Absorption Proto Whey is a revolutionary new form of dietary p..
Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snack, Apple Harvest 有機脆脆蘋果片9g
Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snack, Apple Harvest Mix of organic sweet corn and sea salt..
Dr. Schaer Wafers Cocoa 無麩質巧克力威化餅
The biscuit with a light cocoa filling. Even the finest connoisseur will be pleased Features..
Popcorn Indiana Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn 無麩質肉桂糖爆谷
Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn We just love the taste and aroma of sweet cinnamon, and thought it wo..
Dr. Schaer Wafers Hazelnut 無麩質榛子威化餅
Small on size, big on taste: Schär’s popular hazelnut waffle is now available in pocket size. ..
Dr. Schaer Mini Sorrisi 無麩質迷你巧克力餅
The smaller version that is still big news! Like its big brother, Mini Sorrisi also truly hits th..
Edward & Sons Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones 無麩質冰淇淋甜筒
Edward & Sons, Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones, 12 Cones Let's Do®...Gluten Free Ice Cream C..
Dr. Schaer Milly Friends Biscuits 無麩質動物朋友餅
Milly on the move... Milly playing football, on her skateboard or playing music on her guitar. ..
Homefree Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies 無麩質迷你巧克力曲奇
Bite sized, Wholesome, Crunchy and Delicious! People with and without food allergies LOVE them. T..
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